Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet Bun & Pizza

I love Saturday because I will have plenty of time to do what I like.
Actually I planned to made portugis egg tart, but my kitchen is out of egg...cant help, so thing of others to do.
Last week I made 4 small size pizzas. The taste is not bad. This time I focus on sweet bun.

I just able to made 5 sweet bun.

My sausage pizza.

Bread is actually easy to made, you just need some patient on it coz it takes time. There are many method to made the dough, I use "no knead" method. It is an easy method I found which I learned from Mr. Martin. He is a famous bread man in Justlife Organic shop. I went to his class last year which bring me lots of benefit.


High protein flour (bread flour) 250g

Yeast 5g
Salt 3g
Butter 1 tablespoon
Water 160g
Sugar/ Honey 2 tablespoon

I'm using the same recipe for pizza dough.

Try it and you will find it is fun!


  1. haha, din noe u r gud. look nice n tasty to me :)

  2. Hahaha..Still can cheat ppl by the look. hehehe...