Sunday, April 5, 2009

Down ..down.down...

I had bake my toast bread, those pic are taken but I have no mood to publish it.
Last few weeks feeling very down and stress. Looks like ppl complaint me, but I have no one to complaint at all. All the thing keeping in my heart..It is crying I know but I really donu how to express out, the most important thing is I dont even know who to talk to. All I can do is keep all the sad things inside.
Im careless I know. I makes lots of stupid mistake. Am I that stupid? I really donu..Only God know.
Work change me into another person. It totally change my lifestyle, my characteristic... Maybe I not yet ready with it. Im not yet prepare to take these challanges. Or maybe I should say I donu how to handle problem once it get close to me.
I miss those old days. We can chat in the mamak till late night. Laugh all the way. Nobody cares tomorrow class or homeworks. We just care the present time.
Wish to find back my Happiness soon...


  1. Dun Worry. Be strong :) u'll get thru it :) hv faith in urself :)

  2. Thanks for ur concern..really appriciate it..

  3. Try to relax and don't over stress...Maybe can bake more breads and cakes...
    Life is full of challenges, so must think positive. Gambate la!


  4. People usually miss all those old and fine days...Same do I...But, if we keep thinking of those days which won't return, it will only become a hurdle to stop us move forward. Every problem comes to us actually is a chance for our self-improvement. Deal with it, believe in yourself!