Friday, May 15, 2009

Toast Bread

Did it last month..Finally want to publish it. Hahaha... Enjoy watching below photo.

Before it become bread, it looks like this. Added some raisin in the dough.
After 20min baking....

Looks nice. Outer layer is very hard or can say is crunchy, but inside is soft bread.

Not enough...?

Last pic. Hope can be improved next time.Forgot to tell the taste..Honestly, it taste so-so, that's y I said to be improved next time. Heheheh....


  1. Wow.. Good Job! the buns really look attractive. But sorry to say, ur bread a bit out of look hahaha... I wonder when will I have the chance to taste ur bake!

  2. Hahaha..I know really out of shape..So next time i only publish nice photo lo..those ugly 1 keep for myself...
    If i open my bakery shop then u can taste it lo..hahah..but i think will shutdown/ close shop after 1 or 2 day i open. So better be fast b4 i close it..hehehe...