Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dun Leave me my fren...

Never know that this could be happen to my fren. I hope all this is just a dream. I can't believe this is true, and i dun hope it is true.

My heart is crying when i know this news. Shock! of course. Really can't believe that u choose this way to end ur life. I thought we just started to enjoy our new life, but never know that u end it so fast.

I still remember the time we talk and laugh all the way, now is just a memory.

Frens there, if u face some problem, and need somebody to talk to, pls find me. I will always be there for you. I will listen to ur problem and will try try all the best to help u out.

Fren, when u thinking of leaving this world without a word, pls try to think that i will lose a fren.

Pls dun leave me my fren out there.


  1. That's why we must not think negatively! Why can't he think positively? If he knows me well, he will realize that my condition is worse than him! But I managed to go through and able to grad finally. I am thankful and proud that I did not give up and do something which is not right. Life is not only with study and work. Much more than that! May him rest in peace.....

  2. Everything has its solution. He just jump to the conclusion and end it in bad way...

    It's sad to think back those times we made bad jokes in lecture hall and talked nonsense.

    Hope he doing fine in other space.