Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hong Kong Trip (19/10/09-21/10-/09)

3 days 2 nights trip in Hong Kong, some say too short, but i think is enough for me. The 1st impression for me is that Hong Kong is a small city which full of ppl, just like Singapore. Im right for this, but Hong Kong looks like an old city as the building there (eg: houses, shop, etc) looks a bit old. 1 more thing i have to emphasise is that ppl there are not friendly at all. You can feel it especially when u ordering some food or drink or asking direction. If u are slow in ordering, they will get 'pek cek', looks like u are wasting thier time. But i can understand that they all live under stress coz their cost of living are high, salary are low, make them a bit different from us, this is what the driver told us.

The MTR map.
The transportation there are very convenient, so not many ppl own a car. The cheapest transportation should be the bus and ferry.
The Octopus card is a card that uses to pay for the transportation fee for bus, MTR, ferry, vending machine, u can even use it in many shops like 7-11. It is a very useful card, are advice to have it once u in HK. U can get the card in the airport once u out of the custom. The card worth HK$100 credit but u have to pay HK$50 for deposite. This deposite can be refunded. u can finish all the 100 then use the deposite once, after that u have to top up ur credit. HK$7 for the processing fee once u refund the card. U may refund the deposite in the airport, the customer service center.
There are single journey MTR ticket sold, but it is more expensive than the Octopus card's price.
The MTR do provide train service from airport to HK island. This is convenient for tourist.
I have the MTR ticket fare list, if u want u may tell me i will email u.

1st time saw a signboard with chinese in it. hehe..

I was lucky that i saw some HK movie star. The 1st 1 is Law Kar Ying at the airport. The 2nd 1 i really dont know his name, not very famous but he did shoot many film last time. I didnt ask for the signature and photo coz im too shy, the ppl around no 1 ask for it so i dont want to be alien there.

I notice that the movie star in HK live just like normal ppl, walking freely in the street and in the MTR. Just not like what i think it was.

My hotel in Yau Mei Tei.

Excatly same with what i saw in the HK movie.

HK taxi.

Always have so many board in the street, peningnya..

HK building, so scary....


  1. Nice blog, short explanation, easy for lazy ppl like me to read, hehe...

    Looking forward to the pictures that actually hv you inside :)

  2. Really short explanation...=.='

    But I knew HK ppl are rude and arrogant coz the living pressure on them really tough. HK is one of city which has the biggest gap between rich and poor ppl. They have the richest man in Asia (although he is not staying in HK but born in HK) and in the meantime many HK ppl still living in a small and old flat...

    I wish to be there to feel the original 茶餐厅 culture and shopping!

    Next time can bring you to become my tour guide liao!!haha...=)