Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Peak Tower & Madam Tussauds (19-10-09)

The Peak Tower and Madam Tussauds was our second visit place in HK trip. Most of the friends told me that u should go there at night so that u can enjoy the beautiful night scene. But i realise that u can actually spend 1 day there as there have many places u can enjoy like, The Lion View Point Pavilion , The Peak Circle Walk which will passby Lugard Road Lookout and Victoria Peak Garden.
At The Lion View Point Pavilion, u have the chance to view the beatiful scence of HK city below u. It is featuring by the Chinese architectural motif, maybe will feel like u are someway in China, hahaa..

If next time i have a chance to visit HK again, i will not miss out those places.
The Peak is located at Hong Kong Island, 396m above sea level. We took MTR and stop at Central Station, ahead to Exit K, and walk about 15mins to reach The Peak Tram Terminus. Or u can follow the catalog direction which u have to walk to Central Ferry Pier and take Bus 15C. But this took longer time, not advisable to choose this way.

There are many way to go up The Peak. Either u take the popular trasport, The Peak Tram or u can choose to take Bus 15 from bus terminal i guess, haha..(not quite sure where).

We choose to take The Peak Tram up and down with Bus 15. Actually Bus 15 is not in our plan, bcoz we lazy to wait a long Q for the Tram, so we walk around then saw the bus terminal at floor LG, and it have cheaper price (HK$9.80) so we choose it at last. hehe..

The price for The Tram up and down is HK$22 and HK$11.

There are combo price for the Tram and the entrence of Madam Tussauds at HK$190.

Another package is Tram + Madam Tussauds + Sky Terrace , i think is about HK$220.

Tram ticket can pay by Octopus card, which is faster.
The Peak Tram is an unforgotable experience coz it travel at 4-27 degree steep, those houses and building are so close to u jus like beside u. Is an amazing transport system.

The weather up there is cool and windy at night. But not as cool as Genting and Cameron.

Nicole Kidman-to many paparazi behind thr.

Madam Tussauds is the only reason why we go up The Peak. It is located at Level P1. The operation hours: 10am -10pm. The entrence fee is HK$160 for u to enjoy taking photo with 100 local and international celebrity wax figures.

The celebrities are catergory into 9 groups which are :

1) Hollywood Stars

What a lovely couple.

I think only these 2 couple and Nicole Kidman i know here. haha..

2) Asian Stars

古巨基and me in the comic world.

Ayumi is 1 of my friend now, haaa..

I want to sue Leon Lai, he hits me.

Astro Boy, so cute just like me, haha...Astro Boy just launched there on 29 Sept 09, im so lucky that can see him there.

3) Royalty

No doubt of it, im also 1 of the royalty my dream..

4) World Leader

It is my pleasure to give some talk in front of these 2 famous world leaders.

5) Sport Stars

Actually i really have no idea who this is. It is not so good if ppl asking for 5 and u dun give them heee...

6) Pop Stars

The beatle. Like their songs too.

No chance to have this close with MJ anymore..

Wahhhh..Look at his face emotion, so pro...

With this pose, we sure bet he next Malaysia Idol.

Our beloved Anita Mui.

3 more groups which i didnt take their pic are: Culture Figures, Kung Fu Stars and Fashion Stars.

Pls be reminded that the Pop Stars group is located at upstair. Must not miss it, there is a lift at the Spot Star to bring up.

The night scene of HK Island from the Peak.

This is tourist center, may get all the information of The Peak from there. It is a tram.

Inside of the tram tourist center.

We took Bus 15 from The Peak bus terminal and stop at Central Station. Again we can choose to take MTR from Central back to where we stay, but we want to try something new which is the ferry. There are many signboard to go to Star Ferry Pier along the street. The pier is located at the Pier 7, the fare is only HK$2.50.

This ferry will cross from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui. There is a bus terminal near the Tsim Sha Tsui Pier. We took bus to Pitt Street which near to Ladies Market and Yau Ma Tei. Ladies Market is 1 of the famous "pasar malam", hahaa... It is like the Petaling Street, nothing much special.


  1. 原来有part 2...杜丽莎蜡像馆是香港著名的旅游胜地,在那里你可以成为巨星或皇室成员。。。不错下!