Friday, June 5, 2009


Tioman trip give me a good memories there. I feel like a fish swimming in the sea, feeling so free and happy. This is a very simply feeling that i always looking for. Now only i realize i love swimming and snorkelling so much. Next time i will try diving, but cant find 'kaki' to dive with me la. If any of u want to dive, pls count me in ya..

Tioman do not have a beautiful beaches like Redang, but i can tell u that the coral and fish are much more beautiful than Redang. 1 more thing is that, the tourguide is much more friendly.

This is the Mersing Jetty. Before depart, we need to buy ferry tickets. All the ferries have the timing to depart from the jetty, but usually not punctual.

We take Blue Water Express ferry to Tioman. It cost RM35 one way. Our package include this so no need to pay extra money.
This is the timing that the ferry depart. So must arrange timing properly before going there. We take 5.30pm ferry and reached Tioman Salang resort about 8.30pm.

Salang Indah Resort (SIR) is a very Malay tradisional chalet style which foreigner like the most especially "angmo".
Once we reached SIR, their very freindly tourguide, Paul or Poh, had prepared BBQ dinner for us.
6am view from my chalet.
Preparing to enjoy the sunrise, but unfortunately Tioman has no sunrise, only have sunset.

The only 1 polis station in the Pulau.

Enjoy some beatiful view below.

Different angle to view the coconut tree.

Coral are everywhere on the beach.

1st time i play volley ball, although the skill very bad, but really enjoy it coz there is a very funny family play with us. They are all very funny and sporting. Thanks god to give me the chance to meet them.

"Young coconut" on the beach...

Bot Sekolah???

Salang jetty.
1st sec

after 6 sec.

after 1 min

after 1.5min, the bread fast...

Finally, we are going to leave Tioman. But i wish that i can stay.
I will post more ppl photo on my next blog, coz hvnt gather all the pic from frens.


  1. Wow!! It seems like a nice trip...Wish to go there if got chance .

  2. nice :)
    i hv't been to redang or tioman .....etc, only to kapas, pangkor and langkawi.....
    haha, duno when can step to those islands again....
    hopefully there protected well the enviroment n marine life when i finally hv chance :)

  3. Seems like a very nice trip...good to see that you guys enjoyed it...haha