Sunday, June 28, 2009

Singapore again...

Singapore again...
Should I feel happy? Not really know. This is a place full of people. Just dont like that kind of feel, when I make a turn sure hit somebody....Haih can u imagine that? But of coz not everywhere.
This time I forgot to bring my camera here, so cannot show the places I visited.
I finally visited Esplanade, though I had been here many time, but I missed the chance. I when to the Esplanade theater for the Philharmonic Youth Winds concert. It had been a long time for me to see a musical concert. I plan to go for the orchestra in KLCC many time, but just lazy to go buy the ticket.hehe...But this time I got the chance not only visit the Esplanade theather itself but also go for the concert.
There are solo for trumpet, trombone, flute, obeo, clarinet, saxophone and even bass. All are very nice. The bass and saxophone impress me a lot, coz in my memory these 2 instrument are usually not for solo purpose. Nice. I like it.
Few day ago, I told Ms Liew I dont like saxophone bcoz I think it got a loud and noisy sound. But now Im totally disagree that, hahaha.... The alto-sax sound are so beatiful. I was so enjoy its solo. Never knew that it can be so beatiful. Ms Liew so sorry I was wrong. Maybe one day I am the onw who learn the saxophone. hahahaa..
Wanna thanks my fren here for invited me to join the lunch and brekfast. Really thanks...

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