Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

First time having my birthday out of Malaysia. It isnt a good thing, but also not that bad, at least im still alive here. I think even my parents they dont remember today is my big day. But how can my mum forgot this is the day she pain till die just to let me out to this world. Anyway, this is a silent day, make me think of Landy's 祝我生日快乐。 But, there are still many friend wish me Happy birthday, really thx for remembering my big day. Yet still feel disappointed coz im still waiting somebody to wish me, I guess U must had forgot it. But I wont blame u coz I also not good in momerizing thing. Hahaa. Arigato .....


  1. sorry to have forgotten your big day :(
    thx for understanding me having a bad memory power :P
    I deeply wish you good health & good life ahead my fren.