Saturday, July 18, 2009


This is a very serious period of H1N1 in Bangkok, but we already book air ticket and hotel in there. What to do, but luckily we are all safe to back Malaysia.

I'm really a 'dare-to-die' gal, coz before go to Bangkok, i was in Singapore for 2 weeks. Singapore and Bangkok having a serious H1N1 virus spread during that time, and I, was in both place, hehe..Thank god im safe and alright.
AhChai with N95 mask on in the LCCT airport. Not many ppl wearing mask, especially 'angmo', none of them wearing it, only Asian wear it. Does that mean Asian are all 'Kiasi'? haha..

Alcohol, wine and whisky are so cheap there if compare with Malaysia. This is Johnnie Walker soda mix which cant find in Malaysia. 49 Baht can get 1, but i dont like its taste.

'Tuk-Tuk' is a popular transport service in Bangkok. The fee is about the same as taxi, but drive very fast and Dangerous. Can fix about 4 ppl.

All made by the real fruits, amazing rite..

The famous 'Four-face-god', must take photo to keep it.

Before entering The Grand Palace.
Look behind, so many tourist but yet nobody wearing mask to prevent H1N1.

The enterance fee for Grand Palace is 350Baht per person. U can get here by taxi or by boat taxi, there are no BST Skytrain to get here.

Grand Palace located near the Chao Praya River.

I like the gold color background, hehe...

Looks, it is a dustbin. Beautiful isnt it?

Donate some Baht, then u can get the Lotus to get good fortune.
I want it too....hehe...

Another gold n blink blink background, hehehe...

Chakri Mahaprasad Hall. Its building style is influenced by Italian Renaissance.

We are lucky to see the army matching here. The army looks smart rite?

The big gold head...Outside of Central World Shopping Mall.

Im wearing mask again? Coz i got a sms from my HR manager saying that he was detected positive for the H1N1 on the early morning. I have a close contact with him before that, he treat me eat satay celup and Bakuteh when we back from Singapore.
Im so scare that i carry the H1N1 virus to Bangkok. Haha.. But luckily, im not.

This is my lousy camera gal...haha..
Food stall beside the road.

This is waht they called "Thai Pat Noddle". Dont really like the taste coz it taste a bit sweet...

Thai seafood fried rice.
Hardly find Tomyan in Bangkok, dont understand y.

Chao Praya River.
We take the taxi boat to Chinatown. U can buy the whole day baot ticket for 120Baht.
U may take BST Skytrain and alight to Saphan Taksin Station. The Chao Praya Boat Service station is down there.
These are the places the boat stop.

While waiting the boat to fetch us, i took a pic of this old lady. Just curious how much she can earn in 1 day by doing all these stuff...
The AirAsia delay 2 hrs flight. haih..waiting in the airport more than 3hrs...If i know earlier, then we can go for more shopping...haha..


  1. Wah,bangkok eh??
    i oso no chance to go lucky r u :)
    went v ur family eh??
    Nice :), more pics?? din u visit the water market??
    wah, ur boss do wat so easily kena H1N1???
    better be more careful o :)

  2. Yeah, Water market? we didnt visit there coz i went there b4, not so special, then skip it lo. hehehe..
    All these beautiful gal and handsome guy are my family members.
    H1N1 is easily spread around us, so u do take care too..

  3. Hey,

    I can feel the AH1N1 tension in your blog...Hopefully this virus will stop spreading soon coz I'll go to Bangkok...

    Bangkok is an interesting place to explore. How much you spent there for shopping? Bangkok is a shopper's heaven leh.

  4. Dun worry la, ur Bangkok trip still have long time to reach.. U can go thr to shopping, coz u will find the price have much difference compare with Malaysia 1...Enjoy ya. Remember to bring me some present too hehee...