Saturday, July 11, 2009

Port Dickson 13/06/09-14/06/09

Port Dickson, here i come. 7 people fit in an Avanza and drive about 1hr from Malacca. Luckily Im small can fit at beside the car, hehe...The whole trip only cost us RM30 each, unbelievable rite?

Famous water sport to play in PD, Banana Boat, but none of us play it coz we didnt bring along the changing clothe and the most scare us is the water, I think no need to mention more on this point. We are in the Teluk Kemang Beach, the famous beach in PD i guess, at least i saw a lots of families n people playing here. This beach has 1.8km long and provide basic facilities such as ample car park, showeroom and toilet (RM0.50 per entry).
There are many beachside stalls which u can easily buy some souvenir home, but all can find in Malacca too. hehee..

The freestyle looks, but looks like a geng of ppl fighting haha..

Another tourism spot is Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan, this lighthouse belongs to Malacca although located in PD. Before u reach there, u need to climb up a mountain. Need to sacrify ur energy before having a good view up there.

Many wild bird and animal can found in this moutain, but i cant see one.

Finally reach the lighthouse. Some people told me that u can see Indonesia on the opposite side of the lighthouse if the weather is clear. But i never have the chance to enjoy it.

We met 4 bicyclists, they ride all the way from Malacca, took them 3 hrs(if im not mistaken) to reach there. Pretty cool rite? Hope 1 day to join them too,hehee..

Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse is believed as an important route place for the migration of bird from Asia Continent to the South and vice versa.

I like the color of this lighthouse, all

Another beachside of PD. The water and beach is much cleaner than Teluk Kemang Beach.

Further star footprint....

Guess who..pretty obvious...

Last pic before we leave PD.

We went to try the famous coconut shake in Klebang Malacca when we back from PD. The taste is not bad, can try it. This stall is pretty easy to find coz u will see a long Q, then u know u are here. The excat location in beside the Caltex petrol station.

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