Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Ball & chocolate tart

I saw this recipe from the TV show and they show that it is so easy to made, but after i had tried, i know it is not easy to made actually. Chocolate is not easy to control, means it is so easy to melt and hard to control the shape in room temperature.

I didnt follow their recipe, i try mine recipe, but most of the ingredient are about the same, just the amount might different.

The ingredient: Dark Chocolate, full cream milk, butter, and some alcohol.

Mix well all the ingredient, then freez in refrig. The Chef said freez it 30 mins but it wont work for my recipe. haha.. i freez it 5 days.

Pretty nice, rite. hehee....


Mt 1st chocolate tart looks pretty ugly? hahah but its taste are not bad ooo..

Using the same ingredient as chocolate ball. i think no bakery shop have this favour gua, so i try it n it taste good.

I only manage to made 5 out coz it is only for the eva purpose haha...Dun want to waste material..

Have a better looks inside the tart.

Good try......