Sunday, November 1, 2009

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong (19-10-09)

Avenue of Stars, the 1st place visit in Hong Kong. This is a must visit place in Hong Kong coz u can meet up a lot of Hong Kong & China famous star's hand print.
The most important thing is, it is free admission, haha..

There are many way to get there, we choose the simple 1, take the MTR train. Stop at the Tsim Sha Tsui station and walk in the underpass for quite a long time. When out of underpass, follow the signboard, then pass through New World Centre, Avenue of Stars is just outisde of it.

The 1st thing to enjoy is, of coz, the view of the Hong Kong Island. This view always show in the HK movie & drama.
Really cant believe that i was here where many movie take placed. The night scene is much more beatiful than in the morning 1. There is a laser musical light show every night on 8pm-8:15pm. But we missed it, coz we were at The Peak during that time.

Our famous international star's, Bruce Lee. No sense of respect, so many foots step on it.
Look, my uncle so handsome.

Roll camera, Action....

This 2 bear are called United Buddy Bear. These are the hardwork of 120 artist from different countries. They design them to promote love, diversity and harmony.

I found these 2 bear are cute and meaningful, so take some pic to bring them home.

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