Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland (20-10-2009)

Hong Kong Disneyland, the smallest Disneyland in the world. Im lucky that I visited it before visit other Disneyland hehe..
The entrance fee is HK$350. There are many places selling the ticket, we bought the ticket at our hotel as they offer some free gift, but need to buy by credit card.
The most convenient transport to reach there would be taking MTR train. From Lai King station to Sunny Bay station to exchange Disney train. Disneyland owned its train which decorated with Disney cartoon. It is a special train, and everyone will like it.

Disneyland station, cool rite?

The whole map of Disneyland, small?
Disneyland is divided into 4 section which are Adventureland, Main Street of USA, Fantayland and Tomorrowland. All have its own attractive.

The HK$350 ticket.

Of coz have to take pic with these 4 class Disney character.

U are so tall.
Donald duck are so short, haha..
This Minnie has many posing method while taking photo, really tak boleh tahan.

This is the best show, i like it very much and it makes me feel that the HK$350 is worth to spend.

This is the Lion King show, good show, bravo..

This Minnie was drawn by the cleaner there, I think I cant even apply for the cleaner job thr, no sense of art. Really hard to get job nowadays, haih....

There will be firework behind the Castle. This is the castle we always see before the movie Walt Disney Picture movie start.

The fireworks looks nice with the music. Really enjoy it.

There are many attractive place and game to play around in Disneyland. A must try is that the Space Mountain roller coster. It is an indoor roller coster, u cant see clearly inside as it is very dark inside. This makes u feel scare and excited because u will never know when it is going to drop or up. Hahaha...

These 3 coins are my survinior. U can get it from the magical press machine around Disneyland.
1 coin cost HK$10.

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